Portrait Assignment

Delaware Today, Today Media

Finished up another assignment for Delaware Today, a portrait of Senator Chris Coons. I enjoy doing portraits probably more than an any other type of work. There’s something I find endlessly fascinating about the human face, and would be perfectly content to spend my days doing nothing else.

Zazzle Merchandise


I’ve been offering many of my archival illustrations, including many of my self promotional pieces, on various bits of Zazzle merchandise. A great place to pick up some unusual unique gifts for those “hard to shop for” people on your list. Everything is customizable in my shop, so why not drop by and browse a while. I’ll be posting some links over the next few months, during the holiday shopping season.


Green Prints, Topix Media

Here’s a few projects I’ve been working on recently. Above is a size comparison illustration of various creatures from the Harry Potter universe for a new client, Topix Media (I’m also working on a recipe book for the same client, different designer). Below is an earlier version of the illustration before I was asked to eliminate the background measurements, and change the relative sizes of a few of the beasties and eliminate the overlaps. I only include the unpublished version because I was kind of fond of how it turned out.

I also had a few spot illustrations (and the usual drop caps and dingbats) for GreenPrints this week, and they are pictured below.

A couple portraits

Delaware Today, Today Media

A couple of portraits this week for Delaware Today. I also planned to share an illustration of ‘monsters’ that I drew for another client, but it looks like there were some adjustments and it will have to wait until later in the week.