Updated Bibliography

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This afternoon I’ve updated the ‘Bibliography’ page on my website, with some of the recent book projects I’ve been involved with, along with amazon links to most of what is still in print (going back to 1990). Interesting to see that links are already up to a few of the books that I’ve only recently finished working on, and a few that I’m still in the process of completing. I’ll be back next week with some samples of ‘shorter deadline’ and ‘editorial’ work, so stay tuned.




Out like a line

ABA, AHMM, Delaware Today

Continuing to be super busy since mid-January with no end in sight. Mostly on Book Publishing projects that I can’t show on this blog just yet due to contractual reasons (currently embroiled in a series of three paper doll books, with a couple more projects waiting in the wings mid-April). I’ve a few smaller projects to show for March (along with another one of those ‘comic strip ads’ that I’m not going to bother to display, see previous months to get the gist of it), the one above is for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, below is a piece for the American Association I did a few weeks ago, and below that is an illustration for Delaware Today that I just finished up this morning. I also have some interesting developments this past month with regards to my annual ‘Krampus Holiday Card’ images that I’ve been doing for the past several years, but I will wait to give further details in a future post.


Catching up with recent work

AHMM, Delaware Today, University of Virginia

Taking a quick breather in the middle of a busy day (this week I’ve been feeling a lot like the guy pictured above), to post a few of the recent samples from some of my ‘shorter deadline’ clients. I’m currently in the middle of three book projects which have been taking up most of my time for the past month or so (two are nearing the finish line, probably next week, and the other will stretch into March). Picked up a new client last week, the University of Virginia Magazine, and did a set of three illustrations for a story on Medical Residency (pictured above, and the two directly below). I also had another fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine earlier this week (the black and white illustration below), and an illustration for Delaware Today about the 96′ Primaries.

Oscar Poster 2016

Oscar Poster

Well, it is that time of year again. Every year, my brother, who owns a restaurant on the north side of Chicago, hosts a ‘Oscar Viewing Party’ (and before he owned the restaurant, it was held for many years in his home). Starting in 2004, I began doing an annual ‘Oscar Nominations Caricature Poster’ as a gift to him, and have kept up with it now every year for the past 12 years. I was seriously doubting whether I was going to have time to finish one this year, due to deadline crunches, but I was just too geeked about the concept, and somehow managed to create time to work on it after hours. Anyhow, here it is: #12 and ‘double sized’ from the format of years past, and includes every Actor, Actress and Supporting nominations and represents in one way or another each of the Best Picture nominees and a tiny nod to each Best Animated Feature film. (Click on the image above to see a larger detailed version)

Catching Up

Llewellyn, The Strand Magazine

A few moments to spare this afternoon, so I’ll post a few more samples from the past month. Above and below (in fact, all the black and white scratchboard pieces in this post) are from the annual ‘Witches Companion’ project that I’ve been doing for Llewellyn Publications for the past 8 or so years. (the color cover illustration I usually do in the fall of the year, and the interior illustrations are shared among several illustrators and tend to be due in January or February). This year I had a rather large batch of them (17 of them), but only a few of them were full page size.

This past weekend I had a few fiction pieces for The Strand Magazine (pictured below).