ABA, Barrons, Dover

Just finished up a coloring book project (above is a single sample of the thirty one illustrations I did for this book last month), along the same lines as two previous scratchboard coloring book project I have done for Dover over the past year or so. This was a first for me, a project that that I personally initiated, as opposed to waiting around for a project to come my way. Over the past few years, while walking the dog down at our nearby Riverside Park, I was struck by how picturesque some of the trees were and how it might be interesting to bring a sketchbook down and draw several of my favorite trees. I’ve never gotten around to actually doing that, but this book includes several trees from the park, as well as one from my own backyard. I had a good time with this book, and look forward to seeing it in print. In similar news, I am told that the previous ‘scratchboard coloring book’ in this series (animals) will be hitting the shelves soon, and I can expect sample copies in the next couple weeks. When that book goes to press, I’ve have several samples to share here (the same goes for the tree book).

Meanwhile, here are a few other projects that I’ve been working on over the past week or so. The first one was for Barrons, and the courtroom scene is a cover for the American Bar Association. (eagle eyed observers will note that I used the same ‘man viewed from the back’ reference for the judge that I used in an assignment the previous week).

I’ve another couple book projects that I’m expecting to start any day now, but in the meantime I have a few other short deadline projects to keep me busy, that I may share later in the week.

Fiction pieces

River Styx

A couple magazine illustrations for some short prose in River Styx Magazine that I got done this week. Still working on the coloring book project and should be finishing that up next week, and it looks like I’ll be jumping right onto another book project right on the heels of this one.


Self Promotion

So, this spring I hinted at some interesting ‘Krampus’ developments in the future, and it may be time to spill the beans. I’ve signed a Distribution/Development deal with a company in California to place the Krampus designs that I’ve been doing these past five or six years (as personal Christmas Card images), on various bits of merchandise (mugs, magnets, lunch boxes, puzzles are the ones that I’ve been told about so far). I received the first of the samples this week, a box of mugs, and the advance check arrived this past weekend, so I can assume this project is moving forward, and you should be seeing these items available in the near future (I’ll post links when I have them).

Ukulele Club

Self Promotion

My wife is a member of a ‘ladies only’ ukulele group that meets semi-weekly, and they approached me with the idea of doing a tee shirt for them. They had showed me a cutesy example of another tee shirt available elsewhere, and wanted me to do something similar. I had different ideas, moving in more of a punk direction. This a rough sketch version. Haven’t heard yet whether they hate it or not.