Book cover


A wrap-around book cover assignment that actually wasn’t due until July, but I had some open time this week before I get super busy with three simultaneous projects next week. This was for a writer who I did cover art for several years ago, and have been doing magazine essay illustrations over the past year. The idea of doing this derelict ship was quite intimidating, but once I got into it, it was quite fun. Below is a detailed version with just the boat.

Witch One?


Here’s how the finished version of the cover illustration turned out for an upcoming title for Llewellyn. Was trying for a little looser style as the AD requested something looking more like a woodcut/screenprint.

Then, after getting away from it for a bit, I took another look and realized that I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out, and took another whack at it. This one is a bit less detailed and going for more of a ‘woodcut’ look.

And again, the next morning I took a look and wasn’t quite happy with how busy it looked, so tried to clean it up a little more and resubmitted it. Seem to be struggling with this one, and I’m not sure why.

Witch Rough Sketch


A rough sketch for a book cover illustration coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. After looking it over, the client had some revisions (not so young looking witches, eliminating the hat and short skirts), and then we ended up going with a design that matched the client’s original mockup (as you can see in the next post).

What Was the Vietnam War?


In 2018, I worked on a few of the ‘What Was / Who Was’ series of young adult non-fiction books. The next two in the series, my 18th and 19th books for this publisher, featured some rather heavy topics, The Vietnam War, and the Bombing of Hiroshima (samples to come next month). The challenge for these books, which feature a lot of real life horror, was to not sugarcoat the images, and yet not get too grisly with the details. It was a fine line sometimes. I dedicated this book to my Aunt Lynn and my Uncle Bernard, who both served in the armed forces during this conflict. Here’s all the illustrations for this book (still available at Amazon and other fine booksellers).

April Showers

Green Prints

Besides the book projects I’ve been working on this month, the rest of the past thirty days have been rather quiet. Here are a few illustration sets for GreenPrints that I did at the end of last week. These assignments usually consist of a main illustration, sometimes with a companion spot, and then a variety of ‘drop cap’ illustrations or ‘page break’ tiny icons.

Since I’m nearly done with the rough sketch phase of the latest ‘What Was’ book, I’ll likely be posting some samples from a previous book in the next few days, just to give this blog some content and to showcase some of my published work from this series.