Mose Goes Walkies Weekdays 6/20-6/25

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Another hiking trip planned for the end of this week, so I’m getting ahead on these so I can post them on the trail to the ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ instagram site. Above is 6/20 and the one for 6/24 is below.

Above is the strip for 6/21, and below is the sunday color strip for 6/26 (done ahead of time because I’ll be backpacking this weekend.

Above is the strip for 6/22, and below is the one I did ahead of time for 6/25.

Mose Goes Walkies Weekdays 6/13-6/18

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This week’s ‘Mose Goes Walkies’, plus some strips that I’m getting done ahead of schedule for some buffer on vacation days in the next few weeks. Above is 6/13, below is 6/14, and lower down are 6/18 and 6/23, then 6/15 & 6/16. I’m going to a Music Festival this weekend, so Friday-Sunday are done ahead of time (see the posting for last week’s strips).


Delaware Today

Finished up the Delaware Today portrait this weekend. Tried to keep it loose and sketchy, and add a little more dynamics than were present in the original photo they gave me as a starting point.

Portrait Assignment Sketch

Delaware Today, rough sketches

Been a long dry spell for illustration work, but I’ve a few upcoming projects in the works. I got this assignment on Monday from Delaware Today (they had a photo they wanted to use, but it was pretty low resolution, and an illustration seemed to solve the problem I guess). This is the rough sketch I sent to the editors, and I’m hoping to do the finish in a style similar to the ones I’ve done of my friend Julie K recently (example 1, example 2).