Hitching on the Yoke

Taylor Design

After a couple weeks of relative quiet, the illustration machine has switched back into high gear. Working on finishes for another book project, and then another book project hot on its heels, and I’ll be starting on some book cover illustrations for another publisher (and I’m still anxiously awaiting a fourth project that has been hinted at for around this time). Looks like I’ll be very busy for the remainder of the year. The illustration above was a holiday greeting card design for a corporate client that got squeezed into the margins between other projects.
In other news, I’m expecting my copies of the Directory of Illustration very soon, and it should be reaching potential clients as soon as January or February of next year, so I’ll be weighing in on the effectiveness of that advertising investment soon. Still two and a half months to go in 2016, but it already feels like the new year is breathing down my neck. For the record, 2017 will be my 28th year in business as a full time free-lance illustrator.

Krampus Christmas Card Art

Self Promotion

Waiting around this week for ‘go aheads’ on several projects, so I had some spare time today. Started work on this years’ Christmas Card. I’ve been doing ‘Krampus’ cards for several years now, and this year did a ‘Big Daddy Roth’ tribute. I’ll still be coloring this one, but I think I’ll meditate on it a while before diving into the color treatment.

Oh and before I completely forget


Well, I must be getting old and forgetful, as I stumbled upon this illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education that I did back in May, and completely forgot to post here (in a year where I’ve been doing so much book publishing work that I’m unable to post ahead of publication, and as a result, samples I share here seem to have really slowed down, so it’s a shame when I miss one, like I did here). In related news, I may be posting some samples from the new ‘Animal Coloring Book’ over the next week, should I get the time, so stay tuned.

New Coloring Book


The author’s copies came in the mail today from Dover for the new Coloring Book which should be hitting the shelves any day now. Available at Amazon. This is the 2nd book in the ‘Woodcut Coloring Book’ series and another one should be coming out early next year (which I just finished work on last week).